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Commissioning Agent!

CM - A/E

FISECx is your partner. We all share the same goal of delivering exceptional facilities. FISECx is a commissioning firm that believes value is enhanced when all key stakeholders work together. Design is a collaborative process....engage commissioning to enhance outcomes. Construction requires close collaboration, let's collaborate to improve communication/coordination. Open issues are closed with confidence when trades have been effectively engaged through the process. We lead by example. 


You will never hear that there are to many resources committed to the project. Just the opposite is most likely. Commissioning is a great resource to engage for the benefit of the entire team and project. We share the goal of delivering great facilities to owners who have paid for them. We are engaged from design through turnover, and we encourage you to take advantage of it. 

What's Important to You is Important to Us. 

  • Accessible; Responsiveness you will appreciate. 

  • Exceptional Trade Engagement

  • On Time Deliverables 

  • Experienced to Make a Difference

  • Enhanced Outcomes

  • Owner Expectations Met

Need Commissioning; Request a Bid.

Have Time For Coffee; We're Happy to Meet Anytime. 

We Welcome an Opportunity to Facilitate a Meet and Greet or Lunch and Learn at Your Office. Lunch is on us. 

"It was a challenging project; we were glad your team was on board. FE Warren AFB Medical Center Renovation


"Was talking with the mechanical contractor today who was working on closing out the issues list. Wanted you to know he stated your team is very thorough"

Barton Malow-CM; Troy Schools

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