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FISECx will help to define what your project requirements are and then work throughout the course of the project to ensure those requirements have been met. The value of commissioning is measured on multiple levels but at the end of the day, the operational readiness of your facility, when you take occupancy, is the defining moment. It represents the culmination of months/years of commissioning process management. FISECx employs processes through each phase of the project that exceed defined scopes. From enhanced engagement with each trade contractor, to trending/monitoring of systems performance, FISECx is committed to delivering projects that meet your defined requirements. 


TRUST BUT VERIFY; we didn't coin this phrase but, it does describe our commissioning process well. Our efforts log numerous issues during design reviews, construction observations, functional testing and trending. As contractors close these issues, we put eyes on each one to ensure the issue has been resolved....verified. We trust the teams we work with; it's our responsibility to the owner that we verify. 

For owners, your confidence in your building systems is a reflection of the commissioning processes we've employed. We deliver confidence. 

We encourage you to raise your expectations.

  • Exceptional Process Management

  • Accountability 

  • Uncompromising

Want to know more about commissioning? We will meet with you at your convenience. 

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